fuck-locals.com Scam?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
fuck-locals.com Scam?

fuck-locals.com Scam?

Is fuck-locals.com Scam a scam?

Depending on what fuck-locals.com webpage you stumbled on you might be greeted with a message that reads something like this “THIS ISN’T A DATING SITE. THESE ASIAN WOMEN ONLY WANT SEX AT A MOMENTS NOTICE.” Don’t fall for this fraud it’s a hoax and truth be told if you’re looking for a local escort as many people know they’re not hard to find! fuck-locals.com is promoting a number of fraudulent looking dating websites and I advise anyone reading this too read the dating websites terms and conditions prior to signing up.

For example one of the dating scams I know fuck-locals.com is promoting is JustHookup.com which if you read any legit reviews will tell you that it’s a scam. Again if you don’t believe me you’ll want to read and review their terms and conditions for yourself.

If you’re interested in knowing in short those sex dating websites work like this they use stolen or fake pictures of amateur porn stars to lure you into signing up as a free member. Then they pay someone to send you messages or sometimes they’ll send you automated messages which you’ll need to upgrade in order to reply. Once you’re upgraded they’ll up-sell you with the live video web chat. To me joining an adult dating website is a waste of time and money but if you want to sign up don’t let me stop you have fun lol!

When you join legitimate sites you avoid all the nonsense and get down to talk with hot women that you can actually see on cam prior to seeing some stolen picture. With the Jasmin sex chat community what you see is what you get and try to remember that the Jasmin sex chat community. has two way audio what scam would offer that feature. Personally I wouldn’t take the recommendation being offered at fuck-locals.com if I were you!

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