Is legit or is it a scam? – Review

Sunday, June 2, 2013 Scam? Scam?

Is legit or is it a scam? – Review

If you go to and you will notice a lot of similarities in fact both of them look the exact same and both have the same message. They both portray themselves as free adult dating websites when in fact they’re not. If you don’t believe me just sign up and find out the truth. Different adult dating companies have been doing this exact scam for years now they make it seem legit you sign up and then you find out that you can’t send any messages without upgrading then you upgrade and you get random messages from fake people just so that they can keep you as an upgraded member.

Something else to consider with is their pop ups I would honestly recommend avoiding this site altogether it has all the makings have a scam if internet dating is your thing use free dating websites. I’m personally a member and an advocate of AdultFriendFinder I use it because it’s worked for me I’ve said this several times I even wrote about it. With that said don’t use internet dating if you’re not going to put the time in. I’ve been using AdultFriendFinder and a few free dating websites for years on and off don’t expect immediate results on any dating website if you’re impatient don’t bother joining.

If naked women on live video web cam is something you prefer the obvious answer to this question has always been Live Jasmin. Best quality best experience best talent plus there is an abundance of talent and Live Jasmin just doesn’t let anyone in like some of those other bullshit video cam sites!

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