Review – Legit or Scam?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Review – Legit or Scam?

I’m not the type of person that subscribes to theory that every mail order bride service is a scam the truth is all mail order bride services operate differently. is 100% the only problem you will inevitably run into using the Foreign ladies service is their price. is one of the most expensive mail order bride services online; that being said their prices to a degree are justified.

What I think about is a full service mail order bride service and to run this type of business is very expensive the most expensive portion is lack of commitment by the male members. Men may claim to be lonely and want to meet attractive women but the truth is most will not go through with it most men when answer one letter and never return what this means for the agency is women may opt to leave their service which means they have to recruit more women and charge higher fees. has prices that are justified but compared to some of the other services can be pretty expensive.

Last words on is legit it is not a scam however it is expensive I will also say has one of the best websites among all of the online mail order bride services the website is easy to navigate and their web design is nice to look at should be considered if you’re looking for a legit mail order bride service.

The mail order bride service I recommend joining is A Foreign Affair, the reason I recommend A Foreign Affair is because in my opinion they offer the best tours. I am telling you from experience that nothing beats taking the tour it will save you tons of money and lots of time. When you take the tour you will have more women than you’ll know what to do with. When you met these women you get the names, the numbers, the emails, the addresses and most importantly you’ll know what the women look like in person. A Foreign Affair hands down is the best they set the mood for you they help create the atmosphere A Foreign Affair can’t be beat when it comes to the tours.

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