Foreign Women Scams – How to spot them

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Foreign Women Scams – How to spot them

If you live in Canada, America, Australia or the United Kingdom and you’re looking for a foreigner wife but you’re scared to get scammed here’s a few things to watch out for in the early stages.

The first is… SAD STORIES! Actually what I should say is sad stories leading to them asking you for money. When dating a foreign women don’t fall for sad stories in most instances these are scams despite what you might think many foreign women have it easier in their countries then we have it here.

They might not have the luxuries or the freedoms we enjoy here but life usually isn’t as bad as they claim as a matter a fact many foreign women don’t even work and this is by choice or because they feel that certain jobs are beneath them! Yet they’ll have no problem asking you for money right? Be very careful!

The second foreign ladies scam is a common one where they talk about having a million dollars in a bank and then they want you to send them money so they can withdrawal their winnings don’t fall for this scam either it’s straight bullshit commonly found with West African Scammers.

The other scam is foreign women not showing their faces on Skype. Rule number one especially if you’re using a site like the Simple free online dating site don’t ask for their email address and don’t give up yours get those foreign women on Skype as soon as possible. The Simple free online dating site is at the moment the best FREE foreign bride site on the net and after you’ve gotten to know someone don’t ask for their email or their Facebook because a lot of these foreign women scams post fake pictures on Facebook and they’ll send you fake pictures to your email address. If you want to find out if the woman is legit or not get her on Skype and do this as soon as possible. Personally I wouldn’t even waste time on foreign woman without seeing her on Skype. Filipinos like Yahoo messenger so that could be an option as well!

There’s a video posted on the the Simple free online dating site that talks about not sharing your email address it’s not lying so get their Skype I.d instead!

When it comes to foreign women scams don’t give up any money and don’t waste anytime getting to know them until you see them on skype!

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