Flatfeecams.com Review – Legit or Scam?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flatfeecams.com Review – Legit or Scam?

For me I think Flatfeecams.com is legit although what I will say is currently in June 21 2012 on some of their pages they have prerecorded videos of their cam girls you have to sign up to see them live. I didn’t like this because to be honest I thought the girls we’re online yes some of pictures say the girls are offline but many of them say the girls are online so I didn’t like this at all plus when I enter a username to log in I’m prompted to sign up for $14.95.

What I think about Flatfeecams.com

What I don’t like about Flatfeecams.com is that I’m prompted to sign up and I don’t get to see any of their performers perform live in real time. Maybe other people will have a different experience than me but this was my experience with Flat fee cams. I’m not saying that Flatfeecams.com is a scam I’m just saying I think they should step their games up I can go to a lot of live cam sites and watch and chat to performers for free when I visited Flatfeecams.com not only was I greeted with pre-recorded messages but I was also asked to hand them money before I was able to see anything.

Last words on Flatfeecams.com

At the moment I’m not a fan of Flatfeecams.com maybe it’s because they’re new but they’re site needs work they need more women they need to have live chat they need at least one model that is willing to go live for free I cannot recommend that any of the readers of my blog sign up for Flatfeecams.com in June 2012. As I’ve said in previous posts to date the best live adult video chat community is Live JasmineLive Jasmine leads the way for me in their quality and their prices you might be able to find more women at other adult chat communities but most likely you’ll have to search long and hard to find pretty or good looking one. Live Jasmine  on the other hand has many beauties that you can meet plus you can see and chat to many of them without entering your credit card details.

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