Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is a Scam?

“THIS WEBSITE FEATURES NUDE PHOTOS AND PICS OF PEOPLE WHOM YOU MIGHT KNOW!” Does that sound legitimate to you? That was the message I was greeted with when I visited the website. Maybe yours will be different you can never tell with these scam sites. If you’re thinking about joining their recommended sex dating website which by the way is a hoax! I’m telling you not to do it reviews for these supposed sex dating websites are horrible and if you’re curious to know what happens when you sign up for one of these scams I’ll give you my review which should also reflect the reviews of others because what happened to me is how it works.

First they get you to sign up as a free member once you do this you’ll start getting automated messages from women with hot pictures. once you pay and sign up they will up-sell you with live video sex chat. If you want to review it for yourself go right ahead but I’m telling you from experience that it’s a scam. To save time and money go to the Jasmin sex chat community which is 100% legit and what you see is what you get.

No fake pictures no fake messages non of that everything at the Jasmin sex chat community is legitimate and you’ll understand it once you sign up. If you want to take the advice offered at fine but if you ask me it’s one big scam.

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