Legit or Scam? Review

Friday, June 7, 2013 Legit or Scam? Review and 3D Spoofs take a similar approach to advertising their sites Quite possibly they’re owned by the same company or person I’m not quite sure but one thing I am sure of is Fantasy Tube 3D is not 100% Free unless free access means hand me your credit card so I can put you on a trial that you can cancel at anytime. I’m not a fan of trials and I’m not a fan of certain advertising practices.

Before you sign up with and give them your credit card make sure you read their terms and conditions first FantasyTube3D might not be a scam but it sure looks like one. Legit 3d sex sites like 3d Girlfriends keep things simple and concentrate on high quality. With 3d Girlfriends what you see is what you get no tricky billing or anything like that. If you sign up in June 2013 they’re offering bonuses all which after the trial you’ll have to pay for separately

This is why I recommend 3d Girlfriends over any other 3d porn company all that said if you don’t agree with my review of then sign up and then please write legitimate reviews in legit forums so we all can read them. Again in case you are wondering is not 100% free so if you signed up thinking it was you better cancel before they start taking money out. By the way credit cards are not used as age verification anywhere, Government Identification is how people can tell who you are so don’t get fooled by that bullshit again read their terms and conditions if you want to know the truth.

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