Is a scam?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is a scam?

If you’re reading this and you’re wondering if ex gf gone bad is a scam the truth is no it’s not however I wouldn’t consider a 100% free site. Sure it has some free features to it but once they ask you for a credit card number you should ask yourself why? When you want to watch these free videos you’re asked to enter your credit card details for verification purposes.

This is weird because most free adult sites don’t require this information unless they’re going to charge you so when or if you sign up for make sure you do 2 things first make sure you look at their bonus offer to see if you’re interested if you’re not interested I would uncheck that box something else you should consider doing is reading the terms and conditions so that you can understand how free really is.

exgfgonebad is legit however you should do some investigating before entering your credit card information on their site review what’s on their site and make your decision that way. Personally I think live web chat sites such as Live Jasmine are better than for simple fact that you can talk to girls instead of just being a viewer plus you can be part of the community.

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