legit or scam? reviews

Sunday, January 5, 2014 legit or scam? reviews

Not sure of the experience you had with but for me they forwarded me to which I know first hand is a scam. So from my perspective this makes a scam also! It makes it look like they’re going to match you with someone with their Fake facebook design and words like:

This Site Contains Sexually Explicit Photos of Someone You Know.”

But they’re only trying to get you to sign up with some scam dating website they’re recommending I don’t think is legit I believe it is a scam and my review for their recommended dating website is to stay away if you read online reviews of most of them are bad. The best way to see sexy naked women that are cheaters is the Jasmin sex chat community. why you ask? Because there you’ll find women who will do anything many of these women don’t even need cash. At the Jasmin sex chat community the top women are just looking for someone who can stimulate them so when you sign up become a top member it’s the only way you’ll truly reap the benefits!

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