Friday, January 31, 2014 scam is a hoax, it’s a scam and not worth the time to sign up with anything that it’s offering. if you’re curious to know how their scam works here it goes first they get you to sign up because of the pictures of hot women then. If you don’t review their terms and conditions or read reviews about their terms or privacy you’ll fail to notice that their dating site is not legit.

In fact most of the female members are fake or pornstars and the messages that are being sent to you are either from people being paid to do so or they’re automated messages that are used to get you to upgrade your account. if you upgrade your account that’s usually when the upgrade happens and this is where you might say to yourself it probably would have been smarter to sign up with the Jasmin sex chat community because at least when you sign up there you can chat with women on live camera instead how the scam works is they lure you with pictures and up-sell you with the videos.

This makes DateNaughtyWomen a scam and to avoid this you should just sign up to the Jasmin sex chat community where you’ll be able to see who you want to talk too on live web cam instead of paying for the bull crap being offered at Date Naughty Women. Again i want to make it clear that is a scam you shouldn’t sign up

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