Thursday, November 8, 2018 SPAM!

There’s another spammer to report on this time the spammer is working for What happened to me is that I was checking my emails today and one of them stated the following: SPAM! SPAM!

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Now, in the past I used to simply ignore this emails, I would even ask to be removed from them, but what ends up happening is that they spam me using another email address and another and another, so when I have time as I do now, I will post messages as a warning to people who think that is legit. is not legit it’s a scam, at first glance I thought was promoting live sex webcam, for which I would say you’d be better off trying Live Jasmine where at the very least you know the members are legitimate. when you join Live Jasmine the person join the picture is the person you’re chatting with, but to my surprise, is actually working with which is an international dating website that I’m not too fond of.

What I have to say about is that you’ll want to use A Foreign Affair instead, to keep the blog post short A Foreign Affair  is better for a number of reasons first one being that the members are real, their testimonials are real, meeting the person you’re interacting with on A Foreign Affair is a very real possibility whereas your interactions on Asiame may not be legitimate. That said please stop spamming me, because i’m not going to sign up for your crappy international dating website thank you!

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