Review – Legit or Scam?

Thursday, June 28, 2012 Review – Legit or Scam?

I find it interesting what I see on the front page almost as if they’ve taken a defensive stance right off the bat. I always find it funny when any company says they only will accept a person if they look like this. I understand this statement if the people applying are trying out for miss universe but on a match making site I just don’t get it and the reason I don’t get is because beauty in this instance is determined by what the staff thinks. When it comes to mail order bride services I always have to remind people that you should take the trip and actually visit these women in person before you make a decision to date them because chemistry is very big thing when it comes to marriage.

What I think about

I think the concept is nice and unique and even though I don’t like their idea I respect the staff for being different. I do think is a legit company and I wouldn’t call it a scam however that being said is not a service I would recommend to a friend in my personal opinion I think they have the wrong outlook on the mail order bride industry. I think their concept works for them but I think it on the flip side also limits what they can do.

Last word on

If is what you’re looking for I wish you all the best my stance on them is a neutral one I think they’re legit I just would not recommend them to friend. Personally I like A Foreign Affair and the reason I like A Foreign Affair is because they allow normal everyday women to come to their agency. Majority of the women at A Foreign Affair are beautiful by my standards and they allow their customers to choose what women they want.

What might be beautiful to me might not be beautiful to you, another huge thing is chemistry a beautiful picture or video of a woman doesn’t tell the whole story who knows what kind of day that woman had when she took her photo who knows what kind of day she had when she made the video. If you want to get the whole story you have to actually visit the woman you want to marry and this is where A Foreign Affair delivers the whole experience with A Foreign Affair is better than I’ve seen anywhere else and that is why I recommend them to people.

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