Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Scam a scam?

First thing I will do is answer the question a scam? I don’t think it is I don’t like throwing around the word scam for everything just because a few people didn’t have any success with it. I will however say be careful whenever you join these dating sites. It must be known to anyone reading this that every dating website has scams on it that’s why I only recommend free dating sites.

What I think about

The problem I find with all of these sites is an overflow of men and a lack of females another thing I find is many of the people that sign up for sites like are the same people that sign up for the free dating sites of-course it’s not everyone but relatively people are always looking for a deal. The positive regarding Cougar life is the owners do a lot of promotion but again I’m just not confident that there is as many women joining as there are men. Another positive about is they have a very nicely built website which is very appealing.

Last words regarding

Sign up with or if you want too but Idon’t recommend them. As I’ve stated several times if you’re looking for a legit adult dating website that I tried and that actually worked when I tried it go with AdultFriendFinder. They’ve been online for a very long time since in the 90’s and and what they do that I like is the make it beneficial for both men and women to join. Most adult dating websites only focus on getting men but AdultFriendFinder gets both men and women to join by offering incentives for both. My testing for AdultFriendFinder lasted several months I didn’t sign up today and quit tomorrow like some of the people who write reviews I treated AdultFriendFinder the way I would treat any other dating website so I know for a fact they’re legit.

To those of you that want to use free dating sites that give about the same results click the links below they’re both completely free to join Plenty Of Fish is always good but don’t expect to people that want to fuck or milfs there because the theme of that free dating website is different.

Click here for the AdultFriendFinder website