legit or scam? Review

Sunday, June 9, 2013 legit or scam? Review unlike most premium p0rn sites makes an effort to let their customers know what kind of agreement they’re getting themselves into there is no funny business or any fancy wording if you’re going to sign up to College girls gone bad everything you need to know about their billing process and how it works is right in front of your face so they only question a user might want to know is.

Is it worth it my review says yes it is I would personally avoid the trial offer and just try it for one month because trials limit access and also cost your more. Reviews for this entire network have always been good this is premium porn at it’s finest it’s porn like this that turns people into fans.

The Mofos Network turned me into a fan their videos and the beautiful women they have on their roster turned me into a huge fan of their work you can even contact many of the women using the Mofos Network via twitter for those of you that don’t know Facebook is cracking down on the porn industry which is probably why Facebook is losing members and also losing interest. I think in the future they’ll change their policy regarding adult entertainers. Again if you’re using the Mofos Network if you haven’t done so yet I would get a twitter account trust me when I say nothing is better than talking with an amateur porn star. Make sure you treat the models nice because most of them are very nice people.

Yes is legit it’s not a scam and if you read any legitimate reviews they’ll say the same thing as I’m saying!

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