Review – Legit or Scam?

Sunday, June 17, 2012 Review – Legit or Scam? in my opinion is a completely legit company when it comes to their mail order service however when it comes to paying their affiliates there seems to be a huge backlash against them. I cannot confirm whether this is true or not what I will say is if you’re an affiliate of theirs and you’re not being paid stop working with them. At one point I had thought of working with but being that I never personally used their service I couldn’t confirm if their service was among the elite mail order bride services online. I started reading about the affiliate complaints regarding a few years ago which I thought was terrible because affiliates help grow your business but I can’t comment on it because I’ve never been paid affiliate for

What I think about

If you’re thinking about being a client of I will say that a friend of mine had a positive experience with this company when I asked him to give me a rating he said 8 out 10 I trust his opinion and that’s why I feel that is legit on the client side. What stopped me from using was that I wanted to also visit Columbia to see some sexy singles there and as we know focuses on Russian mail order brides.

Last word on

I think is legit if you’re thinking about becoming a affiliate you might want to search for other and question them about their experiences. Personally I think that A Foreign Affair offers the best complete mail order bride service. Although I recommend using their service before becoming A Foreign Affair affiliate they also offer a pretty good affiliate program that pays every 10 days.

I can tell you from personal experience that A Foreign Affair in my opinion offers the highest quality service Columbia, Peru and Russia are locations you should really consider using with A Foreign Affair. Their Russian trip was amazing surreal the women of Columbia are stunning and Peru was a trip to remember you can even watch the trips on the A Foreign Affair website.

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