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Is a scam?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is a scam?

Yes people if you listen to me You Will Get Laid. Guaranteed! Does that even sound right to you?  If you ask me all of these adult dating websites are scams and huge wastes of time. If you want to waste you time and money on these shagaholic adult dating websites then knock yourselves out. I personally don’t think any of these adult dating websites are legit and if you ask me what I’ll tell is it’s a much better idea to sign up with web cam community like Live Jasmine than it is to waste your money on some Bullsh*t adult dating website. At least with Live Jasmine you know the cards are stacked up against you. However with Live Jasmine you’re talking to girls live and that’s what people go there for. So is a scam? who even cares I would never waste my time or money there listen to them at your own risk.


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