Review – Legit or Scam?

Sunday, July 22, 2012 Review – Legit or Scam?

To start it should be noted that Be happy 2 day or is legit it is not a scam. It should also be noted that the people who run are doing everything they can from my perspective to help their clients. I know a few people who’ve used this service and we’re quite impressed by the service and by the selection of their girls. That being said I’ve also met and spoken to people who decided to pass on the service because they felt there was better out there in any event anyone reading this should know that is legit. and understanding mail order bride services

If you’re not prepared to take a trip and meet you’re potential bride don’t bother signing up for any mail order bride service. When you sign up for the point is to go visit your potential bride to be I’m tired of reading stories from people who say things like “How was I supposed to know I was talking to a real person” or “I didn’t get a reply back so this is a scam” The way to find out if a mail order bride service is a scam is to go visit the person you talking to do.

In any event if you’re thinking about signing up for any mail order bride online and want to read reviews only read the reviews provided by people that actually went to go see their potential bride anyone else writing a review is just rambling and probably miserable. offers a great service and even guarantees your safety when you’re in Russia. If you’re scared to go Russia don’t sign up for it’s just that simple.

Last words about is legit it is not a scam and the owners from what I know in July 2012 are doing an excellent job running their business and their website if you sign up I wish you the best.

My most recommended mail order bride service is A Foreign Affair. I recommend A Foreign Affair to people looking for a beautiful Russian, Asian or Latin Bride. I should point out that A Foreign Affair has some of the most beautiful single European women I have ever seen. Something I must mention is A Foreign Affair is for “go getters” not computer geeks that sit at home and want to exchange letters.

These women want to meet you and I think people that are looking for brides are foolish to pass or to bash this opportunity. When you go with A Foreign Affair and you actually jump on plane and visit these women I guarantee you that you will have more women who want to be with you than you’ll know what to do with. Wussies should pass on A Foreign Affair to all the real men reading this just watch the videos on the site to see what I’m talking about I can talk about this because I’ve used this service you won’t find women like this in United States.

Most of the women in the U.S are overweight and the ones that aren’t want you to buy them this or that and when you don’t they up and leave you. Not the women associated with A Foreign Affair they’re looking for real love they’re looking for a man to settle down and start a family with and these women most of them anyway keep themselves in excellent shape. In my opinion and from what I’ve seen A Foreign Affair is the best mail order bride service online don’t say that I didn’t tell you!

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