Is a Scam?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Is a Scam? is not only sending people spam their  also using twitters to do their fraud. How their hoax works is they’re using the trustworthy sources to promote their scam sex dating website. Also what they’re doing is cloaking their urls which makes it hard to review or write reviews about their blatant on going fraud. Their goal is to get unsuspecting people to sign up for the scam which is a fraudulent adult dating website that shouldn’t be trusted. Below is sample of their scam emails:

Luv is stupid lol! jk , but actually, I am just still young to be fully committed right this moment. I just want enjoy life
to the fullest and have lots and lots of fun.

Being tied down is really not for me, well, maybe only in bed 😉

I’m just lookin for a amusing man who shares the same ideas and just have fun… I know u wanna!!!

I uploaded all my new pics up and I am certain you will really love all of them !

Here are some I just uploaded !

Let’s chat !

Yours Francesca


Don’t fall victim to this crap it’s a straight up scam. How those fake dating websites work is they lure you in with stolen pictures of hot girls and amateur pornstars then once you upgrade you’ll those messages that you thought were real will disappear and then they’ll try to get you to upgrade to their over priced web cam service. Avoid all of this if you want to sign up to a legit video chat website go to the Jasmin sex chat community. By far it’s the best option to meet to horny sexy women or men. As long as you’re the legal age to view sex online the Jasmin sex chat community is the perfect fit. Don’t fall victim to the scam it’s not worth it and it’s they’re spammers a they’re a rip off!

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