Is a Scam?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is a Scam?

Before you sign up for make sure you read the terms and conditions associate with Asian beauties. I won’t call a scam but I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with how works before going all in. The whole mail order bride industry shouldn’t be confused with escorting or an easy way to get laid.

What I think about

The issue I have with sites like or Asian beauties is how they operate from the moment you sign up you start getting pictures of beautiful women who supposedly “want to talk to you” if you want to talk these “ladies” you have to pull out your credit card. Sites like these remind of adult web cam sites and without even going into the specifics I recommend not signing up.

Last words regarding

Ultimately every individual is going to do what works for them but if you ask me I will tell you to avoid associating yourself with it’s expensive and if you compare the features to a more established agency such as A Foreign Affair you’ll see and understand why A Foreign Affair has way more legitimate and verifiable testimonials. A Foreign Affair gives men the real opportunity to actually meet and touch women where seems more geared to men who want to do online chat. I have no problem with live chat it’s fun but if you ask me what I prefer it would be physical contact.

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