Review – My Thoughts

Thursday, June 7, 2012 Review – My Thoughts

Not sure why exactly because I’m not really much of techy guy but seems to crash my browser like I’ll be on the site sometimes for a one second and then boom it crashes or tells me to install java. Not sure why this happens only on this web cam site and nowhere else this is the reason why I’ve never gone or even thought of going private at Asian babe cams imagine you’re paying and something like that happens I would be angry.

The reason I mention this is because I already installed the java plugin it requests I install to view their models yet every time I visit the site I get the same message I think would be a lot better if they correct this issue because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person having this problem. If I sign up with a cam site it’s very important to me that the site uses standard web cam technology I hate seeing crashes.

What I think about

I think is legit and not a scam however like I said in my previous statement above I won’t use because at the moment in June 2012 the video keeps crashing and for me to go private with this problem happening as a free member just won’t happen. Also I don’t think the models for the most part are that hot. Some of them are but in my opinion most of them are not.

Last word on

Personally I’m not interested in signing up but don’t let me personal opinions stop you from signing up. I want people reading this to be aware that I have a gaming computer and I have hi speed broadband connection. I’ve used many live adult cam sites and never had the problems I have at You might find that your experience with is better than mine but in my view I won’t be using their services. My favorite adult web cam community is Live Jasmine.

The Live Jasmine girls in my opinion are a lot hotter plus Live Jasmine has a lot more ethnicity than just Asians. Live Jasmine is still one of the largest websites online receiving more web traffic than many premium dating sites. If you’re interested in meeting beautiful web cam models consider visiting the Live Jasmine website you can chat for free and there are plenty of beautiful models to choose from.

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