APrettyWoman.com Review – Legit or Scam

Saturday, July 28, 2012

APrettyWoman.com Review – Legit or Scam

When it comes to searching for mail order brides from Russia and the Ukraine APrettyWoman.com has to be considered one of the best. From what I know A Pretty Woman receives about 200 applications from Russian and Ukrainian women each week which is rare in any mail order bride service. What this also means is that APrettyWoman.com has one of the best search engines many of us have ever seen.

What bothers some people about APrettyWoman.com

There is an old saying that go somewhere along the lines of “cheaper than a mail order bride” so when most people think about meeting foreign women they look at it as something that should cost them more than a few hundred bucks. Using mail order bride services can be cheap but typically they’re not as cheap as most guys think and that’s where most people will take issue with full service mail order bride services such as APrettyWoman.com.

Make no mistake about it APrettyWoman.com is a full service mail order bride service they can help their customers with every and anything and this is where some men take issue because some men feel as though they’re being “upselled” on everything. If a person asks me about using a mail order bride service what I will tell them is to just take the tour and go visit the women. I would tell that person don’t waste time emailing and calling just go down there and meet the women because chatting with someone share pictures etc. and meeting them in person is two completely different things. Most of the complaints you hear from people using mail order services are people that never went to go experience the whole scene.

Last words on APrettyWoman.com

Even though I don’t recommend APrettyWoman.com to anyone I do think they’re legit I do not think they’re a scam. I do consider APrettyWoman.com a top tier mail order bride service if you sign up with them I wish you all the best.

The best mail order bride service in my opinion is A Foreign Affair. I would like to point out that I recommend A Foreign Affair to men who went to meet an actual woman, A Foreign Affair is not for men who are just looking for an excuse. If you go on the tour with A Foreign Affair you will come back a changed person. If you want to be pursued by women use A Foreign Affair. Beautiful women jumping on your lap wanting to get to know and when I say beautiful women I mean everyone there is at least a 7 out of 10 most of these women want to get married so they take very good care of themselves and most importantly theses women don’t think like American women do they’re not just out for your money they want to be loved. A Foreign Affair when it comes to touring is the best service no one even comes close there will be so many women chasing you that you won’t know what to do.

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