Is a Scam?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is a Scam?

It’s interesting to me that a lot of the mail order bride services online have unattractive websites, this includes some of the biggest names in the mail order bride industry the reason most of these companies have ugly websites is because most of their business is done offline. I’ve met some of the owners of some of the mail order bride services and it’s clear to me why at times there is a cause for concern.

What I think about

Unfortunately I first learned about via one of their current affiliates so my immediate impression was not a good one in fact I will not be recommending them to anyone. I could care less how anyone reading this post chooses to spend their money all I will say is I’m not recommending to anyone at this time. As many of you reading this know the mail order bride industry gets a lot of slack from all types of people I’m not certain what to tell people who look down on the industry all I can say on behalf of myself is I HATE BEING LONELY and I will do anything to find the love of my life.

Last words on is not recommended by me but you can choose to do whatever you want to do with your money any problems, questions or issues you have with should be addressed to them.

If you want to know what my mail order bride service of choice is by a landslide that honor goes to A Foreign Affair. When it comes to overall service and the quality of women A Foreign Affair beats all the competition sure other sites might have pictures of women that appear to be more beautiful but when you actually go down to meet these women it is a completely different story.

Trust me and the testimonials of thousands that A Foreign Affair is the real deal A Foreign Affair is not the cheapest service nor is it the most expensive but it is in my opinion the best mail order bride service for SERIOUS men. If you read any negative feedback or question any persons leaving negative feedback about A Foreign Affair it’s usually from people who either never used A Foreign Affair or it’s slander from competitors who feel like A Foreign Affair is taking over the industry. A Foreign Affair is the best period and the women that use it trust them which is why they’ll trust you for using them.

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