Review – Legit or Scam?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Review – Legit or Scam?

To start I want to make it clear that the mail order bride service is big business that being said there is a lot of false information being presented about aka The first thing I want any person reading this to understand is that when you get involved in any mail order bride service the most important thing to understand is that once you commit you should feel obligated to go visit the woman that interests you. The fact remains that mail order brides in theory is simple business but in practice it becomes a lot more problematic.

Understanding mail order brides from a business standpoint

Dealing with people is tough business and what’s even tougher is bringing them all together. mail order bride services run into problems on both sides the major one being men not willing to take the trip abroad to meet their potential foreign bride. All mail order bride services sell women on the successful foreign male dream, the problem occurs because most men are not serious about mail order bride services.

Most men join and then quit or they’ll join and write and never leave to go see these women, this is heart breaking to most of these women most of whom take these services very seriously. In my opinion this is why the mail order bride service is the way it is today, I know many of you reading this are honest men but the truth is for every honest serious man there are 2 dishonest ones. Plus the international laws have really cracked down on this industry as a whole.

What I think about

I think they provide a very good service to date at least online they’re one of the biggest if not the biggest mail order bride services on the internet. They’ve done everything the right and legal way and I consider them to be a pretty good service in fact I rank in my top 5 dating services. Some rank it number 1 I would not be so bold and call number 1. I’ve signed up for many of these mail order bride services compared their features and what they have to offer and at least for me did not come in as number one. There is speculation on why most so called review sites rank Anastasia Date as number 1 but I won’t get into all of that all I will say is they make my top 5 list.

Last word on

I want to make it clear that is 100% legit it’s not a scam I just don’t have it ranked as my number 1 for a number of reasons. They’re trustworthy and if you want to sign up with them go with your gut feeling. Personally my favorite mail order bride service is A Foreign Affair. Why? Because they tell you what many of the other services won’t tell you they educate you, they show you proof I even consider them to be less expensive than most of their competition one other thing I will tell you is there trips are a lot better than their competition. When it comes to mail order bride services quality is the name of the game and A Foreign Affair delivers every time.

The women on A Foreign Affair are real and if the women leave the service are find a partner their profiles are quickly removed from the database. Most mail order bride services will keep profiles active long after the member stopped using the service. A Foreign Affair in my opinion is the best mail order bride service online if you sign up with A Foreign Affair and compare to any legit mail order bride service you’ll see what I mean. My advice to anyone reading this only sign up with A Foreign Affair if you’re serious about meeting someone. If you join just for fun you’ll never understand why A Foreign Affair is preferred.

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