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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Review – My thoughts is basically a mail order bride services that’s been quite successful to date. The thing men need to understand about mail order services is that when you decide to commit to these types of websites what you’re indeed saying is that YES you are willing to take a trip to go to a foreign country to meet a beautiful women to marry and bring back to your country or even to marry and live in your new brides country. That’s what sites like are all about so if you’re intent is just to sign up and chat to pretty girls my advice to you is go somewhere else or go to a traditional dating site to do that.

How I feel about is not my recommended mail order bride service that being said I want to be clear and say that I don’t think it’s a scam, one of the reason I’m writing this is so that men understand what they’re getting themselves into when they use these services. I know because most of you reading this are sitting behind a computer it’s kind of hard for you to believe that some of these beautiful ladies are looking for husbands but the truth is many of them are and if you actually take the trip and get to know these women you’ll see how serious many of these women take these services.

Of-course many of them know that chances of them meeting an American, Canadian U.K or Australian husband are slim but yet they still put themselves out there and allow foreign men in many instances to break their hearts by not responding to messages or visiting them on their homelands. If I sound passionate about this it’s because I’ve gone on a trip before not through and spoken to some very beautiful women who just don’t get how we think in the developed world. Why didn’t return my messages one girl asked the organizer and why didn’t he make the trip like you said another girl asked the same organizer. These services are real guys so only sign up if you’re really serious about getting married.

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Personally I think Amo latina is legit, some people might consider it a scam but what you’ll notice about these people that call a scam is that they never went on the trip. In my personal opinion and from my personal experience A Foreign Affair is the best mail order bride service online and offline for that matter. I prefer quality and from experience A Foreign Affair offers nothing but quality. A Foreign Affair has live shows where you can ask questions they respond to emails they also do an excellent job matching you with beautiful women.

A guy that winded up on the same plane as me initially went to Columbia for one girl and wound up marrying another I can’t speak much about Costa Rica but I can say Columbia and Peru have some very beautiful women there. I can almost guarantee that you’re heart will skip a beat when you see some of the beauties at A Foreign Affair. I also highly recommend using the A Foreign Affair service over any other because as you’ll find out they know exactly what they’re doing and they have this type of dating down to a simple science.

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