3dSpoofs.com legit or is it a scam? 3dSpoofs.com Review

Friday, June 7, 2013

3dSpoofs.com legit or is it a scam? 3dSpoofs.com Review

There is something I really don’t like about the 3dSpoofs.com website and that thing is they claim “GET FREE ACCESS! 100% FREE FOR LIFE” When or if you sign up 3d Spoofs you will quickly find out that this is not the case. In fact it can be difficult to watch anything without age verification and their age verification process is very suspect because their age verification doesn’t require you’re drivers license or your date of birth no it requires your credit card information?

But wait before you give them your credit card information I highly recommend reading their terms and conditions which informs you that in fact this is not their age verification process instead you’re being offered a trial membership with Brainard Entertainment Ltd. What you also might want to uncheck is the box to your right on their payment page that talks about “Upgrade me to a platinum membership +” Make sure you rad all of that fine print before signing up because trust me from prior experience cancelling this stuff depending on the company can be a complicated process especially if they don’t have phone support and even sometimes when they have phone support they use foreigners who don’t speak English that good.

I won’t call 3dSpoofs.com a scam but they’re only legit because of their terms so be very careful my review is to avoid this site if you still want to sign up that’s all on you. If you signed up write reviews in legitimate forums so we all can read them. As far as Anime sites go Anime Sex club is the best one everything is straight forward and the price for 8 sites at Anime Sex club is a lot less than what you’ll pay for 1 site with most Anime sites.

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