Is legit or is it a scam?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is legit or is it a scam?

From my perspective it’s not fair to call any entertainment website a scam unless they took your money and didn’t deliver the services as promised. That being said I do think 3d porn vidz is a legit website. From what I’ve seen the animation is pretty good, very high quality great scenes interesting characters and fun at the same time. The only negative I will mention is the sense of boredom I felt after I watched a few videos.

One other thing I should talk about is when you’re signing up make sure read the fine print that talks about “Upgrade me to a platinum membership” That membership will cost you extra charges so if you’re not interested in that upgrade uncheck that box you might also want to consider reading the terms and conditions just so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Because truth be told and I know this from experience no one will feel sorry for you if you tell people you were scammed by a porn website. So make sure you at least glimpse over the fine print. Have fun and be easy!

If you’re interested I’m trying to get more people to sign up with what I think is the best adult animation site that combines Sex, Drugs and Debauchery into one hilariously hardcore game. The game is called BoneTown and to me it kind of has this Nintendo feel to it but it also has that Grand theft Auto feel to it as well. For those of you that sign up please leave feedback to the developers because I think they’re onto something big here BoneTown delivers more than any adult game I’ve seen online to date and for most of you will be surprised the kind of things they’ve come up with in gaming world where some people think they’ve seen it all.

Click here to visit the BoneTown Website