1st-international.com Review – Legit or Scam?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st-international.com Review – Legit or Scam?

1st-international.com from what I understand is 100% legit that being said when you compare it to some of the other mail order bride services it comes off as slightly above average. If you want any form of communication using the 1st-international.com you will have to purchase credits. In order for a mail order bride service to get my highest recommendation it has to offer everything and not only must it deliver on everything but it must also offer a high degree of quality to its customers.

What I think about 1st-international.com

If you’re not ready to experience what I consider to be a full mail order bride experience 1st-international.com is a great company to go with. 1st-international.com offers all the standard features of an online mail order bride service, 1st-international.com doesn’t go beyond what most mail order bride services offer but it doesn’t short cut any standard mail order bride features either. 1st-international.com is the type of mail order bride service I would try if I was just testing the waters.

Last word on 1st-international.com

1st-international.com is not a mail order bride service that I would recommend to anyone but it’s also not a mail order bride service that I would call scam. 1st-international.com is 100% legit just based on what I know about them I wouldn’t rank them as on of my top services. In my personal opinion information is a key component to using mail order bride services the next most important features is trips and the quality of the whole experience that’s why I recommend A Foreign Affair.

As I’m writing this one of my friends is in Columbia having fun with some of the most beautiful women on this planet. It took him a year but he went with A Foreign Affair because of their quality and their no B.S approach to the mail order bride industry. A Foreign Affair has live radio shows the have live video of their women which you can watch for free and most importantly women are added and deleted most of the mail order bride services you see online have old outdated photo’s A Foreign Affair gets rid of out dated photos or profiles and adds new ones weekly if you’re interested in finding a beautiful bride I recommend you go with their service.

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