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Why Do I Get No Responses on Plenty Of Fish

Why Do I Get No Responses on POF

Why Do I Get No Responses on POF

Did you see the picture above? That’s usually what an attractive woman’s email inbox usually looks like. What does this mean? Well it usually means that she gets to pick and choose who she’ll respond too. What this also means is that she probably won’t even get a chance to reply to your messages. So you could be her perfect match and you won’t even get a shot at her, because her inbox is just bombarded with messages.

What’s even worse is if you get initial contact with her, she seems to like you and then doesn’t respond right away. If she’s attractive and hasn’t responded chances are she won’t and the reality is that it probably has nothing to do with you. Imagine if you were a guy who received 1000’s of messages? Would you respond to them all? Probably not.

It’s one of the reasons I often dare men to take my international dating challenge. Experience what attractive western women feel online by broadening your dating demographics. This blog has kind of morphed into all things female. But it began with international dating. It began with writing about Foreign Affair an American owned and operated international dating service. If you’re a male having trouble finding success with women on I challenge you to join Foreign Affair and see what it feels like when the roles are LEGITIMATELY reversed.

When you as the male, regardless of your age is one being pursued by attractive women. I can guarantee you that you will start becoming more selective, more analytical, more conscious of fine, minute details, you may also even sabotage yourself. A lot of men and women unintentionally sabotage themselves when they’re faced with a wealth of affection from other people.

Why are foreign women interested in western men?

feminist and others will try and convince you that foreign women are only interested in western men for their money or for a green card, but then one begs to ask the question why are western women attractive to foreign men? It’s all media lies, the reason why foreign women are attracted to western men is because most western men want to settle down while many of their local men are comfortable playing the field. It really is a cultural thing and if you pay close attention you’ll notice that this trend is not common everywhere.

When humans have a better option to get what they want they’ll usually pursue that better option, or at the very least they try it out. i advise men who think their plenty of fish messages are not being received or men wondering why they Get No Responses on Plenty Of Fish consider international dating with Foreign Affair. Try it out and remember what i said about being bombarded with messages.

There’s no need to be down on yourself. You have other options. The bottom line and I’ve been saying this for a long time. The bottom line is that is pretty flawed. There are a lot of reasons why people struggle on that site that could easily be fixed. I can’t control what they do so all I’m doing in this post is showing men that there are more options and much better options if you open your mind to the possibilities and stop allowing people to put limits on what you should do.


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