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Currently is being forwarded to a site I already wrote about so instead of wasting time writing another post about the same thing consider clicking the link below.

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. For those of you that don’t give a crap about reading that post my conclusion was that no it’s not a scam based on my reviews as of February 2016 based on my experiences I do think is legit. With that said allow me to point out that I think that  3d Girlfriends is a whole lot better, in fact in my opinion if you check out  3d Girlfriends you’ll probably forget that even exists, also if you’re into caroon porn or comic book type por you should check out Adult Empire they have a huge quantity of porn cartoon, 3d and real, no other site even comes close.

If you haven’t checked out 3d Girlfriends the reason you should is because it’s a game, it’s interactive it’s hot and currently online there’s nothing like it. I’ve been a member for almost a year and half now, none stop, if you compare the quality of 3d Girlfriends to anything else online everything else especially porn games fall short. I’m done

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