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Based on my reviews it appears from my perspective that is a promotional offer for which is a scam based on my reviews. So if you’re wondering if is legit, based on my review it’s more of promotional site, however I do think that is a scam. With that said join if you want but I personally won’t be. based on my reviews joining the is a waste of time, in my view it would be a better idea to join live webcam sex chat service like Live Jasmine which wouldn’t trick you into joining it’s fraudulent service by pretending to be a dating service.

With Live Jasmine what a lot of people like to ignore is that it has a lot of different options to chat with members, plus what you see is what you get so you won’t have to worry or wonder if a profile picture is an actual member. Live Jasmine the profile pics can be seen on live webcam.

If you’re looking for a legit adult sex dating website in that case I’d recommend AdultFriendFinder because it’s the most legitimate sex dating website ever created. Now the downside and yes there’s a downside to everything is that when you join AdultFriendFinder your location plays a factor so be forewarned but that aside it’s legit

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