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Are Women ‘genetically programmed to have affairs?

If you’re wondering if women are genetically programmed to have affairs the answer is an obvious yes. But so are men. Without culture, religion and laws the world for the most part would be f*ck fest. It was a f*ck fest until recently. Many of the countries in particular parts of the world still treat women like property. The question is why? The reason is without culture and laws women are only as loyal as the strength of their man.

It’s a survival skill and it resides within all of us. Now as men if there was a big, tall strong, powerful man who as an individual could beat up all the other men in a particular village, city or town and he was taking all the women, chances are the weaker men collectively would join forces to kill this man. Naturally the evolutionary process would cause men to create laws preventing monopolies on women. Again this is me writing as if women are property; here’s the catch though women women are FREE to choose and obligated to no one they essentially make decisions men would make.

So if a better mate comes along they’ll cheat, this doesn’t necessarily mean genetics, this could also be financial, this could be a feeling, this could be a means she uses to trap a male. This is a human trait that all humans have and I suspect in the future it will be the norm. If society continues down its current path marriages, relationships, raising children will be similar to business acquisitions. This is the case in many cultures already, what will be different in western cultures are the women’s right to choose.  As women gain more economic power the backlash on single motherhood is going to be challenged.The coming backlash which hasn’t taken off yet will be the state of welfares.

If women are to be treated as equals the current welfare model which subsidizes single motherhood and also rewards women for not remaining married or staying with a partner, is going to be challenged. When this happens, meaning when single women are no longer rewarded for being single parents their survival instincts will kick into another gear.

Women who work will be with who they want to be with. However women who opt not to work will have to alter how the do business in dating marketplace, because their income will be dependent not on government but on donations. If you go to any culture where a large segment of the population is in poverty, you’ll notice a pattern of infidelity, both by the men and by the women(if the women aren’t treated as property). Why because a girl’s gotta survive and the men who are impoverished for the most part view women as a Financial LIABILITY! She doesn’t work, the government won’t take care of her, when I work I have to support her, if she’s attractive I’m in competition with other suitors, she also may not have a good personality.

Women don’t have to have good personalities when there’s welfare, infact they don’t have to be loyal to any man when there’s welfare. These women don’t have to work, they’ll get paid and can live in luxury by their sugar daddy the government which basically means they’re economically secure, furthermore the law is on their side for the most part and society is told to put all women on pedestals whether they’re deserving or not.

Humans are genetically programmed to go after their own self interests, if it’s in a woman’s best interests to cheat she will. Men are the same, what we as men struggle with sex, unlike women men without wealth can’t sleep with a woman anytime they want. This is the main reason why men tend to like building things or finding other activities to pass the time. This is the advantage men have over women and this is what’s most sexy about a man, but only a few men ever really have the ability to tie all of this together.

Men who keep themselves busy and take care of themselves dare their women to cheat on them. Why? Because those women can be replaced. A man focused on his self interests is rare and even if he wasn’t it wouldn’t matter because as long as man can find another woman of equal physical value for the most part his woman cheating on him is the least of his concerns.

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