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Is a Scam?

When it comes to as of May 2015 allow me to point out that it’s nothing more than a dating promotional website, so is it legit? I don’t think so! However based on my review it’s not a scam either. However based on my reviews of a site is promoting I think that they’re indeed a scam and if you’re reading this and you’re thinking of signing up for I highly recommend reading their terms and conditions prior to signing up with them. If you go to currently it states is online

however if you end up on one of their webpages like this one you’ll see a webpage that says something like this:

Our Women are Single and looking for Men to date…
But First Read Our Guidelines Below:

We have over 16,540 asian female members on our site who are looking for Men to date.

You’re lucky, at the moment registration for men is open for another 04 minutes and 26 seconds. Please read our rules before you proceed.

Step 1: Confirm Your Age

You must be 18 years and above to enter.
Please confirm your age.

Try not to take the webpages to serious they’re all basically promotional pages I don’t recommend signing up but don’t let me stop you. Based on my reviews I’m not calling them legit either. With that said be warned that doesn’t exactly have the best reputation.

If you’re looking for a legitimate international dating service I’m a huge advocate of A Foreign Affair. When it comes to actually meeting women internationally in atmosphere which almost guarantees you the opportunity to meet beautiful asian, latin or european women A Foreign Affair is way ahead of the game and if you live in the states they have an actual physical address there. A Foreign Affair  is not just some online company they’re a world famous international introduction service.

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I understand some of you may not be able to leave your country or go on vacation right now so if you’re looking for a legit adult sex dating website AdultFriendFinder is the only sex dating website I’ve tried that actually works.

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