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Is legit or is it a scam?

The Prx-sale website is just another Pharmacy RX One duplicate website so the better question would be is Pharmacy RX One a scam? The answer to that question thus far has been no however the unfortunate side to this has been there have been a lot of spam complaints from Pharmacy RX One. But because they have so many duplicate websites it’s hard to pin point which one is sending out the spam emails.

The thing to understand regarding Pharmacy RX One and PRX sale is their refund policy which is you won’t be refunded the full amount instead you will be refunded minus shipping and handling. On their website they give you the following example


So for example if you pay $80 for products and $24.95 for shipping, we will refund $70 in total after deducting the $10 re-stocking fee and the $24.95 shipping fee.


If you’re new to this game this is what most placebo pill companies will do. If you don’t know a placebo pill is a sugar pill and being that Cialis and Viagra are typically prescription pills or pills you ask your doctor about first as a customer of Pharmacy RX One you will already be in the wrong so there really is nothing you can do except hope it’s legit when they send you your shipment.

I won’t call legit or a scam however based on my reviews of other companies that operate in this fashion I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Legitimate reviews for sites like or Pharmacy RX One are hard to come by because of the nature of that business best advice I can give is see a doctor because remember what organ we are talking about here.

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