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Once you make the decision to become and internet model you’ll soon realize that each company operates in a unique manner some companies focus on the models while others focus more on the marketing. If you we’re to ask me which company I would choose it would be the company the company that focuses on the marketing? If you’re beautiful, pretty, or handsome and know how to work the web camera the only thing you’re missing is an audience. A company that focuses on marketing will always give you the audience you deserve and once you get that audience you can expand upon it. Versus which one would I choose?

Live currently has the largest audience so if you’re beautiful, handsome, pretty etc. I would go there that being said I would go there with a plan. I would recommend signing up as a Live Jasmine model just to go there the idea is go there build your audience maximize your wealth and go on to bigger and better things. Life is all about growth. We start at the bottom and we work our way up, use what you have now to get you where you need to be later Live Jasmine doesn’t pay the most upfront but you’ll get better clients at Live Jasmine if you visit an website you’ll notice a common theme with many of the models they’re not getting that many hits some of them are beautiful but the right audience isn’t watching them.

Live Jasmine is one of the largest website online Live isn’t just one of the largest web cam sites it’s one of the largest sites online period. I’ll be straight with anyone reading this Live Jasmine is the best place to see how physically attractive you really are and this applies to both males and females. People visit Live Jasmine to see beauty it’s just that simple yes there are other cam sites out there all I can say is browse through those sites and then browse through Live Jasmine be honest with yourself and then ask yourself what you see?

Last words regarding Versus

If the option is there for you I recommend signing up with Live bigger audience work your magic have your escape plan and you should be good. Most of the people that have taken my advice have been very successful using Live yes some people might make a few extra dollars initially using but in time web models often realize why beautiful women continue to sign up with Live Jasmine even though according to some the pay is less.

To sign up visit Live scroll to the bottom and click the Models Wanted section

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