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So first and foremost so I’m, clear based on my reviews Free Extreme Cams found at is not legit and is indeed a scam, and if you’re wondering why I think they’re a scam is because they’re not a service instead they’re referring you to scam services like Istanthookup which have fake members and make you pay for things you can get for free.

If you go to the FreeExtremeCams order page they’ll send you to an instant hookup webpage like this one. and on the webpage, they’ll lie to you and say that

$0.00 No Charge!” legit or Scam? Free Extreme Cams Reviews legit or Scam? Free Extreme Cams Reviews

this is a total scam, if you see a webpage similar to the one above, understand that they’re a total scam. Legit services like Live Jasmine don’t operate this way, before you join Live Jasmine notice how much they’ll give away for free, that’s how a legit service operates. If you want to try the FreeExtremeCams scam, make sure you read the fine print, namely the section that reads the following:

(*) Please give me a membership to InstantHookup. It is so simple to signup for a membership, which also includes a one day trial to InstantHookup-PremiumVip, rebilling at thirty nine dollars and ninety five cents monthly unless cancelled.

A one time one dollar and twenty five cents profile setup fee may apply.

Your membership to InstantHookup will remain active even if you cancel your PremiumVip membership. TO AVOID BEING CHARGED THE FULL MONTHLY FEE JUST CANCEL BEFORE THE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS. PremiumVip members will receive unrestricted website accessSpecial bonus offer:

Unlimited access to, seven day trial for one dollar and twenty five cents, rebilling automatically if not cancelled at twenty nine dollars and ninety five cents monthly Plus, ten day trial, rebilling automatically if not cancelled at forty nine dollars and ninety five cents monthly

I hope you can recognize the fraud for what it is, with that said join if you want.

If you’re looking exclusively for a sex dating website AdultFriendFinder is the best based on my reviews and what makes them the best is because I actually reviewed them. My 3 months review of AdultFriendFinder is why I concluded that they’re legit because I actually met people using their service.

Now, I have to add that there’s a downside to being a legit service, firstly for my review, I  made a profile and spent a considerable amount of time being successful AdultFriendFinder, being a dating website you location does appear to be a factor in your success rate and yes they’ve been online since 1996.

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