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Based on my reviews, it appears that “Planet Of Loves” which can be currently found by going to as of today’s publishing date, is an international dating service that is a lot like a webcam service. Based on my reviews, I consider PlanetOfLoves more of a scam than legit because a large chunk of their members might not be looking to meet you in person. Their address can be found below.

UAB Softeka 304873072, Saltkalviu g. 64-23, Vilnius, 02175, LITHUANIA,

Landscape Trends LP NL000408 Suite 7030 6 Margaret Street, Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland, BT34 1DF.

Because I don’t use or trust their service anymore I won’t call them a full-fledged fraud, but I wouldn’t trust it because most of the legit international dating websites revolve around meeting in person and not only chatting online. As most people know most international online dating services have fake members, this is why I only write about legitimate dating websites with real members and real testimonials.

I won’t recommend PlanetOfLoves at this time.
Join at your own risk. but if you are going to join it, a good idea to compare it with a live webcam service like Live Jasmine 

When it comes to international dating, I’ve constantly over and over again stated that A Foreign Affair is the best. PlanetOfLoves is new, it doesn’t have a history, and I can’t verify if ‘Planet Of Loves’ has legitimate testimonials; I’ve led the charge writing about the A Foreign Affair Testimonials they’re endless, it’s non-stop; I keep writing about them, but some people I guess like the hot new dating websites better, I don’t get it.

What I have to let you as the reader know is that there’s a difference between an online chat with what could be scammers and actually meeting women in person, A Foreign Affair is all about meeting in person; their online component is merely the introduction to their service, the A Foreign Affair upsell is meeting the lady you’re interested in, in person.

I don’t know how else to explain it to men primarily, you can take a chance on whatever is promoting, but remember that A Foreign Affair has endless results of what their services can do for your love life, I can’t stress enough how great their services are for men of all ages looking for love. As you’ll observe, it’s men of all ages that I’ve been recommending who are having success with A Foreign Affair, if there was something better out there trust me I would recommend it, but the reality is as it stands now, they have my complete endorsement.

Click here to visit the Foreign Affair website