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If you’re going to join “My Private Fling” currently owned by Meteor Interactive B.V and currently found at do yourself a favor and read the fine print at the bottom of their homepage. Yes, I lean more toward MyPrivateFling being a scam and not legit. Make sure you’re not logged in before going to their home page; otherwise, you won’t see the fine print that has a segment in the paragraph that states the following: is designed for pleasure and entertainment. Fictional entertainers’ profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only; physical contact with these profiles is not possible. We strongly advise you to read our Terms and Conditions before using our service.


In their terms and conditions, smack dab in the Introduction section currently at the top of their Terms & Conditions, it states the following:

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators; (ii) we do not conduct background or criminal record checks on users, or verify their identity, and you accept all risk of interacting with people via the Service (on or off of the Service)

Article 7: Profiles and Complaints of their terms where they write about is intended to enable users to flirt and chat with fictitious profiles. The service does not provide physical contacts. Based on my reviews, “My Private Fling,” currently found at, is a scam and not legit; I’ll do my best to explain why I’ve come to this conclusion in the paragraph below.

I give credit where it’s due. Usually, these scam dating websites will bury their fraudulent somewhere in the middle of the bottom of their terms and conditions pages in hopes their users will not read it, but with, at the very least, they make it easy for you to read their fraudulent behavior. With that said, I don’t like telling people what to do, I’m an independent person, so I give those of you reading this the same respect.

Join MyPrivateFling if you want to, but I hope, at the very least, I helped to bring some transparency to their offering. Obviously, I’m not going to recommend them to you, join them at your own risk; if you have questions, I think you can contact them at [email protected], I did not contact them because I get enough spam email messages already, and sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m doing these reviews, so you can contact them if you want to and ask them any questions you have.

The goal of a dating website should be to meet in person; if you can’t meet their members, then you’d be smarter to join a legit live webcam service, that can, at the very least, verify the pictures of their members are real. I find it a waste of time to join ‘dating’ websites with Fictional Profiles that are basically fake members there to waste your time; side-by-side comparison, Live Jazmin, which is a live webcam sex chat service, is far superior.


Instead of joining a fake dating website, it’s better to join a legit live webcam service like Live Jazmin. I could even make the argument that if you’re looking for fictional actors, you’d be better off joining an entertaining porn website. If you’re chatting with fake members on what looks like a dating website, you’re wasting your time and energy for nothing.


MyPrivateFling is a foreign-owned site and pretty worthless if you ask me. doesn’t make tops on any of our lists, and we definitely won’t be recommending them to anyone. Join them at your risk. Legit live webcam services will save you time and money, and plus, you can pick and choose what attractive member you want to chat with. I’d argue most, if not all, of the members on MyPrivateFling are scammers. Join at your own risk, and consider reading their terms if you’re going to sign up with them.

If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website, you’ll want to consider visiting AdultFriendFinder, which, based on my reviews, is the only legit sex-themed dating website that I’ve tried that actually delivered.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that when I joined AdultFriendFinder everything didn’t go smoothly, I had to post a full profile, and I had to be patient; my reviews of AdultFriendFinder lasted for three months, by the way. My final conclusion with AdultFriendFinder was that your location and your profile do play a factor in your rate of success.

This is ultimately why I believe that Live Jasmine is such a good option because your results are instant, and you’ll be successful without posting a profile; at Live Jasmine it’s between you and the person you’re chatting with. Personally, I think a live webcam is the best option, especially now with all the new changes that have been afforded to the members.

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