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Based on my personal reviews is legit and not a scam, the problem with it is that it hasn’t been updated in years, so although 3dHentaiVideo is legit, I definitely wouldn’t be recommending them in 2020. Join them at your own risk, 3d Hentai Video is not alone in that it’s not doing much if any updating, it’s very common for animation porn companies to not stay afloat or be profitable.

If you’re wondering why I write so extensively about 3d Girlfriends because the development of animated porn is important to the growth. Now, the thing about 3d Girlfriends which is addictive is that when you see it in its present form you can only imagine what’s coming.

Unlike 3d Hentai Video 3d Girlfriends is a game and an interactive experience. Although 3d Girlfriends may seem like the norm now, the reality is most of the 3d games online are not as good in play as it is when it’s promoting itself. Also, 3d Hentai Video is a video service which means all you can do is sit back and watch when you sign up with 3d Girlfriends you’re an actual participant of the experience.

When you play 3d Girlfriends you’ll see what the possibilities will be in the future of 3d adult gaming. Again I’l point out that is not a scam, they’re legit, however as of February 2020, they haven’t been doing any updating, so keep that in mind if you’re going to decide to join them.

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