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Based on my reviews, “Ero Labs” or is legit and not a scam. It’s geared towards the smartphone market, so in that regard, it’s limited, but they’re a very good company worthy of considering. As of the time I’m writing this, their top games are the following in this order.


  1. Rise of Eros
  2. Alliance Sages
  3. King of Ecstasy
  4. TenkafuMA: Diablo’s Harem
  5. Daraku Gear
  6. Destiny goddess
  7. Lusty Odyssey
  8. Legend of Hypnotic World
  9. Cum & Gun

I don’t see any funny business happening with the  EROLABS service; they have a forum, and they cater primarily to the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English-speaking markets, so if you don’t speak any of those languages, you might find it a bit difficult to navigate through their system. For any questions you have regarding their services you can contact them directly; they have email support. Obviously, they’re not as large as the other services I write about, and I’m not recommending them directly, but I don’t think they’re a scam.

One of the reasons why 3d Girlfriends remains tops on my list. There’s no funny business, and the entire 3d Girlfriends networks revolve around top-tier LEGITIMATE 3D porn that focuses on the consumer experience. That’s why many of us continue to support 3d Girlfriends.

Honorable mention as always the Nutaku Network which to date still has the most addictive nude toon/anime games. In regards to Nutaku Network they’re more transparent and give an actual preview before you sign up, so you can see for yourself why we call their games addictive.

3d Girlfriends designed their 3d sex gaming platform with user-friendliness in mind, and when you compare 3d Girlfriends to everything else, you’ll notice how much attention to detail 3d Girlfriends does when compared to the other adult gaming sites which are mostly recycled material, which is why if you sign up for most 3d adult gaming sites, you’ll notice after a few games that there is serious room for improvement. revolves mostly around good promotion, but its add-ons are often better than its initial offering. This doesn’t make them a scam; it’s just you may want to consider shopping around; it’s no secret that I try everything; it’s what I do, then I rank the best, and most of the top-tier services I recommend end up making everyone’s top 10 list. Unlike other people who don’t actually try these services, we take it for a test spin.

3d Girlfriends took the hardcore 3d gaming road which is very difficult to pull off, this is one of the reasons I give their team-high praise because prior to 3d Girlfriends none of this existed, the 3d Girlfriends in-game play is original, and even when I review newer sites trying to duplicate what they did, it doesn’t last long, because the maintenance required to make 3d Girlfriends is not easy to do.

It might look easy on the front end, but if you know anything about backend development, so much can go wrong when designing an adult 3d game, which is why most 3d game developers take the easy road. My final conclusion is is legit; regarding their billing, familiarize yourself with their terms before signing up, they’re not recommended by me, but they’re still not a scam and use a legitimate platform to collect payments. With that said as always have fun, life is short!

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