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FiveStarLadies Adult Games Reviews Is It a Scam?

Obviously, the Erito Network currently found at is legit and not a scam; it’s worth checking out. They usually have a trial offer active, but if you like me, have ever signed up for a trial, there’s only so much content you see within the trial, and then you wind up paying more than you otherwise would, had you taken them up on their best offer. Below is their pricing structure, which is fair and quite standard in premium porn. When I do most of my reviews, I do the trial to test to make sure they are indeed legit, but then I go monthly afterward.

*12 Months Membership initial charge of $119.99 automatically rebilling at $119.99 every 365 days until cancelled.
**3 Months Membership initial charge of $59.99 automatically rebilling at $59.99 every 90 days until cancelled.
***30 Days Membership initial charge of $29.99 automatically rebilling at $29.99 every 30 days until cancelled.
****Limited access 2 day trial period automatically rebilling at $39.99 every 30 days until cancelled.
Where applicable, sales tax may be added to your purchase

Click Here For The Official Erito Network Website

If you’re using a VPN Network the payment structure will differ from what I am seeing, or maybe if you’re in another country, you might see a different currency. Until you’ve signed up for premium porn, it’s hard to understand why people do; I compare Premium Porn to Netflix; why do people keep their Netflix accounts active when there’s only a handful of movies they’re interested in watching? Why do people keep their Netflix accounts active when they can use a screen recorder? The answer is simple presently, Netflix is commercial-free; you can watch it in HD, with no pop-ups, interruptions, distractions, etc.

With the Erito Network you don’t get it until you sign up. If everyone was only consuming free porn, the Erito Network would have gone bankrupt years ago. Instead, they continue to grow.

Try not to be one of those cheapskates searching the Tube sites for the premium stuff; it doesn’t exist, and you won’t be in the loop unless you’re a member of a premium porn service like Erito Network. Although this might be hard to comprehend, the Erito Network once you join they want to keep you as a customer, and this is why they’re often able to find the best in business before anyone else.

How often do you see the words “Who is she?” on the tube sites? Typically it’s those of us who subscribe to premium porn services like Erito Network who know who is who because the talent pool is listed, and trust me, if there’s attractive new talent, those of us subscribed to the Erito Network would have the full scoop on her, long before she makes her rounds on the tube sites.

What most Erito Network subscribers get first access to, many of you will learn about five years down the line. This, again, is why I compare premium porn services like Erito Network to Netflix. People who subscribed to Netflix will know of movies and series that people who aren’t subscribed will have no clue about, maybe for years.


Erito Network is legit and obviously not a scam; at the very least, you should give their trial a chance. You won’t get why many of us are fans until you try it; I also remind many of you fortunate enough to live in Freedom-loving countries that people who live under oppressive governments WISH they could become members of the Erito Network. For a lot of foreigners, if they’re able to make it to a developed nation, many will sign up for a premium porn site the first chance they get because they know the value of it.

In some commie countries without access to a VPN Network, they can’t watch any porn, or maybe they have oppressive family members hovering over them, monitoring everything they do. There are plenty of reasons why people want to come to free countries, and porn is one of them. Premium Porn is a huge market, and you’re missing out if you’re a fan of porn and never tried any of the Erito Network offers. You’re darn right; I love the industry, and that’s why I patronize it!

We’re not talking about some random talent here; we’re talking about the best of the best that know how to perform on camera, the entertainment value continues to get better and better every year, and no one is excluded. Based on my reviews, they’re one of the best online and definitely worth checking out.

Click Here For The Official Erito Network Website