Archive for the ‘Adult Teen Videos’ Category Reviews – Legit or Scam recently was put on my radar, I was told it’s been online for a couple of months now, personally I had never heard of it, which is actually quite strange because it has a really great domain name. I knew a guy that purchased a great domain name and sold it for a few thousand bucks, maybe this was one of those deals. Because it’s really strange that a domain name like would go under the radar for such a long time. With said I had to sample their trial, well I was going to sample their trial until I ended up on their order page and was greeted with the following message:

(**) Your Free Lifetime access to Teens includes a free 2 day trial promo to Premier Passport+++ that renews same calendar day at a fixed $39.95/month after the trial ends unless cancelled. TO AVOID BEING CHARGED, SIMPLY CANCEL YOUR Premier Passport MEMBERSHIP BEFORE THE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS. Your lifetime access to Teens remains active even if you cancel your Premier Passport membership.

Any charges made to your card will appear under ‘BRANDHELPSVCS.COM’.

Special FREE Bonus Offer:

+ Your Platinum Membership Details++:
– – 7 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $39.94/monthly, after the trial period ends unless cancelled
– – 10 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $49.95/monthly, after the trial period ends unless cancelled

I gotta be honest here people one of the main reasons I use and recommend sites like Stranded Teens or Teen Pink Videos is because I don’t have to concern myself with trial offers that I never knew I signed up for. Scam Reviews

Now! to be fair to the best of knowledge doesn’t force you to join their trial offers, however in the past when I signed up for site that did this based on my reviews I still had to call and cancel, the company did refund my money, but at the time I signed up I unchecked the trial offers, yet they still charged me. This happened to me more than once, which is why I just stopped trying sites that do what is doing on their order page.

Based on my reviews I wouldn’t call a scam, I think they’re legit, but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone right now either. I don’t like that stuff, plus Teen Pink Videos does a pretty good job adding new stuff. I’m also not familiar with customer service department. As an example most of you know that any questions you have about Teen Pink Videos can be answered on their order page, they have toll free phone support with a well known reputable company in the adult space.

When it comes to the order page, well I don’t want to bad mouth any company, so you be the judge and find out for yourself. Bottom line here is you guys should have a better concept of why I prefer sites like Stranded Teens or Teen Pink Videos over the others. If you have concerns about you have to contact them yourselves because I’m not a member with them.


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