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There’s another spammer to report at this time; the spammer is using the domain name. Currently, based on my reviews, DateSeniorRussian is an online international dating promotional scam used to promote fraudulent international dating websites and dating apps; they use the domain name to avoid being detected for sending spammy email messages.

Currently, the website has no homepage; however, if you go to, you’ll see them attempting to take your email address and potentially use it for nefarious purposes.

I wouldn’t join whatever they’re promoting if I were you; however, if you want to join the “Date Senior Russian” fraud, don’t let me stop you; just don’t say you weren’t warned. In case you’re wondering, yes, the pictures you’ll see on their affiliated scam dating websites are not real members and are, at best live webcam models at inflated costs.


If you’re looking for a legit live webcam sex chat service, you’d be wise to consider Live Jasmine, which doesn’t have to spam you and doesn’t have to post fake pictures of people who aren’t real members of Live Jasmine. When you go to Live Jasmine, the pictures of the members you’ll see lead to actual legitimate profiles, one of the main reasons scammers like send spam email messages is because nobody wants to join their crappy sex dating website, which is why they have all of those fake members.

I forgot to add that Live Jasmine is a live webcam sex chat service and the best because they don’t have to pretend to be a fake dating website in order to attract members; no Live Jasmine is the real deal. Actually, you can start chatting with members the moment you land on the Live Jasmine website.

When it comes to international dating, I’ve constantly, over and over again, stated that A Foreign Affair is the best. When you get the chance, consider reading the A Foreign Affair Testimonials. They’re endless; it’s non-stop, I keep writing about them, but some people, I guess, like the hot new dating websites better; I don’t get it.

What I have to let you as the reader know is that there’s a difference between an online chat with what could be scammers and actually meeting women in person, A Foreign Affair is all about meeting in person; their online component is merely the introduction to their service, the A Foreign Affair upsell is meeting the lady you’re interested in, in person.

I don’t know how else to explain it to men primarily; you can take a chance on whatever is promoting, but remember that A Foreign Affair has endless results of what their services can do for your love life; I can’t stress enough how great their services are for men of all ages looking for love. As you’ll observe, it’s men of all ages having success with A Foreign Affair, if there was something better out there, I would recommend it, but the reality is, as it stands now, they have my complete endorsement.

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