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Based on my reviews I have to mention that Bromo is part of the MG Premium Ltd network, so being that I haven’t had any billing related issues with that company, as far as finances are concerned based on my reviews the Bromo Network found at the Bromo Network or at Bromo is legit and not a scam. I was asked about both the and, just to clarify they’re both owned by the same company, however, if you signed up with them via some other means I can’t speak on that because the links I used to sign up are included in this post any other links or posts some of you may have used I have nothing to do with.

My personal reviews of the BromoNetwork

So obviously there’s the Kink theme to Bromo and yes they do deliver in producing scenes that cater to this demographic. Now, obviously I do reviews, but as many of you know this is not my preferred niche to do reviews on, yet and still the production and quality was great and the scenes will be exactly what we’ve all come to expect from this network. There’s obviously a more darker theme to Bromo but they lighten the mood with scenes that you’ll find funny, at least I did.

Now I went the full month, primarily because with this network you’re not going to be able to consume enough media within 2 days, so make your decision wisely prior to joining, because it cost most when you do their trials. Based on my reviews they’re definitely worth the consideration, what you see is what you get. For the record yes, the stories are true that not every Gay porn star identifies as gay, some do claim to be 100% straight, it’s kind of what building the modern adult empire. However when you sign up let’s see if you can figure out who is, from who isn’t.

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