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Unfortunately based on what I’ve reviewed with a lot of these online games you’re starting to find that a lot of companies are basically trying to repeat the successes of the originators. So, because I’m really into online games I tend to try them all even though I know I shouldn’t. The problem I see with espritgames is not so much that they’re a scam, but based on my reviews they don’t provide enough value. So esprit games has 3 games as of October 2018 these games are dragonlord, darkomen, and rakshasa. All, in my opinion, weren’t worth the time. I won’t get into the bugs, because that happens to every game, most people don’t expect perfection, It’s those little details that really matter when it comes to online gaming and unfortunately, in my opinion, is in its amateurish stages right now.

You all know that I’m a huge fan of adult 3d games and even this space is very competitive but what made 3d Girlz stand out amongst its peers were those little details that you have to experience for yourself. those little fine details that make you laugh and make you feel part of the entire gaming experience is what makes true fans.  3d Girlz did such a good job that there was a real demand of a purely online experience and that’s when they launched 3d Girlfriends which obviously took things to a whole new level.

The creation of 3d Girlfriends was based on actual demand created by their first site, they listened to their subscribers and what we wanted was some new level stuff and well 3d Girlfriends delivered and that’s why to date they’re still the top of my list, of course, I’m always looking for the best new site out there and being that I’m a user they also took me up on my requests and then they launched  3d Girlz 2 and again it’s the attention to detail why  3d Girlz 2 is doing so well right now.

I bring this up because could be a lot better if they listened to the demands of their users, sometimes it takes a while to build the next great game, but it starts off small. If people remember that’s how GTA started off, it was basic but they paid attention to those little details and then eventually they became the biggest event and gaming experience in history. So I’m not calling a scam I just think they may want to go back to the drawing board.

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