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Is a scam?

Based on my reviews is not a dating website, instead, it’s more of a group of promotional web pages promoting adult dating websites that I consider based on my reviews scam sex dating websites. Now what I saw when I ended up on their webpage were web pages that were promoting sex dating websites that I considered to be a scam.
As an example the webpage I landed on stated the following:

This is not a dating site!
You have received (1) message from a woman near you. scam scam


Then after that, you’d get the following message:

Hi neighbour, I see you passing by every now and then..

And I like what I see ;). Shall we meet soon? I’m home alone often, so you can come by whenever you like.

Let me know if you’re into it. scams scams


LOCATION: < 4 mile

MEMBER SINCE: 27 Feb. 2016


then ofcourse the ask you a long series of questions where your answers don’t seem to mean very much.

Before you’re able to respond to any received messages you need to answer 3 short questions so we can be sure you are eligable for this site.

Apologies for our strictness.

Because of unexpected high popularity of our site we need to be very strict in our selection procedure.


Anyway, you get the point lastly, you get this message:

You have gained access to our site, register now to read your messages!

P.s. you have limited time to register:


In my instance I was sent to which is a scam, I’d advise anyone reading this read the terms prior to joining them, I’ve written about that fraud in the past.

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