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Now in regards to this more to my liking being that when you go to the Slot Bitches website you’ll notice immediately that as of March 2018 it’s taking your safety seriously. So based on my reviews and I’ve been writing about this network a lot is not a scam and is indeed legit. Based on what I’ve observed there is nothing to be concerned about regarding their billing as they’re dealing with legitimate, trusted companies in the cartoon porn industry. Now just being honest SlotBitches for me doesn’t have my favorite story line or concept but the people behind it in my opinion have been doing an excellent job with their creativity.

Is a Scam?

Is a Scam?

As many of you know I’m a huge advocate for 3d Girlfriends however that doesn’t mean that other developers should be given their just due. Based on my reviews is a good alternative for people looking that type of adult gaming experience. Now for someone like me I prefer the interactive experience over the storyline adult experience . For me I see the necessity for both but I spend most of my adult gaming time on 3d Girlfriends primarily because they’ve given me what I think will be a dominant force in the adult gaming experience in the very near future.

With that said it’s important to have variety and that’s where and online adult gaming sites like Slot Bitches come in because in reality it’s one really big family that uses one for the other. If you’re bored of SlotBitches then maybe you might try 3d Girlfriends and vica versa. So that’s my review. In regards to 3d Girlfriends the history of it as many of you know my history like many other fans know of 3d Girlfriends because of  3d Girlz.

A brief history regarding  3d Girlz is that it requires a download, it’s probably the only downside any of us had about  3d Girlz. Apart from that when it came out it was amazing and set the stage for a lot of what we’re seeing evolve online today in 3d adult gaming and entertainment. I guess until you understand the artistic aspect to  3d Girlz it’s kind of hard for you to see things the way we do.

To give you an idea before Kim Kardashian became a dominant face in social media women would often mimic Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. Wil Kim K. love her or hate her has changed the way a lot of women look at their bodies.  This power also exist in 3d and cartoon gaming. As an example if you look at the characters in 3d Girlfriends what you should ask yourself is what inspired the artists to use these characters?

Why is it that when you’re on 3d Girlfriends you feel so comfortable with the characters being used? Until the artistic aspects of 3d Girlfriends hit you, it will be hard for you really comprehend why so many of us are such huge fans of this ever growing culture.

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