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Is a Scam? looks and acts like a scam, no legit mail order bride business does the things does and for whatever reason Charmingdate seems to have the most english speaking beautiful women I’ve ever seen anywhere? Coincidence or scam I’m leaning on it being a scam and one of the reasons I think is a scam is because most of the time mail order bride services focus their attention on getting people to take their tours which is how they make their money.

However seems more focused on getting you to chat which is strange to me because most foreign women with the exception of maybe the Philippines don’t speak English that well. is so ready to take your money to do the whole chat thing but seems disinterested in getting people to go on their tours which tells me they’re a scam. Legit mail order bride websites typically like A Foreign Affair have a chat option available but they’re more focused on getting people to meet because that’s what real mail order bride sites do they bring people together.

Also A Foreign Affair has a real address that you can visit they have a real phone number that you can call and they have real testimonials that you can see. Also A Foreign Affair as real radio show that you can listen too and call into. has NONE OF THEE ABOVE! If you ask me what I think I say that is a scam if you review it for yourself and compare it too A Foreign Affair there really is no doubt which is legit and which is trying to play you for a fool. Most legit will tell you is not legit however if you want to sign up go ahead just know that in my opinion A Foreign Affair is much, much better.

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