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Is legit or is it a scam?

If you’ve used a site like tagged before chances are you’ve been greeted by what appears to be an attractive female that has a bunch of pictures that are labeled with the logo attached. I recommend you avoid entering any information on this site. For those of you that don’t know it’s sites like that steal email addresses and private information and then resell it on the blackhat sites. has no terms of service no privacy policy and it’s clear that the pictures they have are not from actually members. If you think is legit by all means do what you want. But be warned as of March 2013 my discreet space in my opinion has scam written all over it. Any review or fake reviews you might have read won’t change the fact that this site looks like a complete scam.

If you want a legitimate adult entertainment the site. The live webcam sex chat website of choice is Live Jasmine which by the way doesn’t ask for private information without clearly specifying their terms and conditions and privacy. Plus they have a helpful staff.

Live Jasmine is tops in this industry and unlike my discreet space when you hover over a model you can see her almost instantly. Most of these women are really nice in person as well, after you chat with many of them and get to know them you’ll know what I mean. I travel a lot and I’ve met a lot of really cool young webcam models most of them are very sexy in person.

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