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Based on my reviews as of the date of this publication appears to be pointing to which based on my reviews is a scam. So in short no based on my reviews I do not think or easygranny are legit. They’re indeed scams and should be treated as such or if you’re going to sign up despite my recommendation to do so, I’ll give you the heads up.

Based on my reviews it would be in your best to check out Live Jasmine where at the very least what you see is what you get. When you join Live Jasmine you won’t have to worry about wondering if the pictures are fake because Live Jasmine is all about live webcam. Sure when you join Live Jasmine you’ll have the ability to read stories or chat with other users. But the whole purpose behind Live Jasmine is all about doing it live, meeting and chatting live.

I’ve personally met a lot of people namely women who are involved with Live Jasmine and honestly Live Jasmine is probably one of, if not the best way to meet people internationally. Another option which I don’t write about too much is  AdultFriendFinder

Now the reason I tend not to write about  AdultFriendFinder that often is because location plays a huge factor. If you don’t live in a large city you’re not going to see a lot of results. So based on my reviews of  AdultFriendFinder is that it’s sort of hit or miss.

Anyway that’s it for now. We’ll keep you guys updated on new launches as they come available to us.

Click here for the visit Live Jasmine website