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There’s another spammer to report on this time the spammer is using the domain name. Currently the domain name is being forwarded to which is heavily affiiliated with if you read any legit review or reviews regarding or it’s easy to see that it’s a scam, it’s also easy to see that and are both affiliated with entities who send spam email messages. If you’re looking for a legit adult sex dating website AdultFriendFinder is the only sex dating website I’ve tried that actually works. The email address of the spammer that messaged me was:


Mary Fawcett mary_fawcett

The subject of the mary_fawcett spam email message sent to me stated the following:

You got a PERSONAL MESSAGE from Mary Fawcett‏‏

The actual spam email message sent to me from mary_fawcett contained a picture attachment which I added this blog post along with the spam email message that you can view below without the spammy links, which for obvious safety related reasons I didn’t include when publishing this blog post.

You got a PERSONAL MESSAGE from Mary Fawcett:

I am not looking for a commitment right now.
I am busy pursuing my goals and dreams and I haven’t got time for a long term relationship if you know what I mean…
If you don’t mind, we could get to know each other a little bit closer… 😉

Waiting for you with impatience,

After reading this blog post I hope you can see that, and are nothing more than spammers and scammers. If you’re looking for legit live webcam sex chat Jasmin live has the best amateur community plus based on my experiences they will not spam you, sell your email address or scam you!

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