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It’s becoming pretty standard to see spam coming from a few so called adult dating website. This time around the spammer is using the domain name and currently that domain name is being forwarded to which if you read any legit review or reviews about or even if you just read their terms and conditions it’s pretty easy to see that they’re a scam that’s using spam as a means of promotion. The email of the spammer that messaged me was:


Brigid Morrisey brigid_morrisey(at)

and the subject of their spam email message was:

Hey Stranger! This is Brigid. CALL ME!‏

The body of their spam email message contained a picture of a woman that I added to this blog post that I can’t identify at the moment and it their spam email also contained the following message. I should point out that I didn’t add the spammy links to this blog post because they have the potential to contain viruses.

A friend of mine told me that I can easily find someone in my area for a discreet sexual encounter without any obligations. This is exactly what I want!

This is my online portfolio:

Call me today!

Naughty me!! 🙂

Clearly both and are scams I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you. If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website visit AdultFriendFinder it’s the only one that’s worth the price that’s actually legit. As many of you know my preference is live sex webcam and my preferred community to join is Jasmin live they will not spam you and they won’t scam you either.

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